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Ethical Investing for Fun and Profit

Money Wisdom provides the tools, ideas, and information the smart investor needs to put their wallet where their heart is. The fact is, you don't have to compromise your ethics to make a good profit. Let Money Wisdom help you to invest your money consciously, in harmony with your heart and soul. To do this Money Wisdom offers a simple four step process: 1) negative screening, 2) positive screening, 3) global diversity, and 4) personal vision. This method can help you feel good about your investments all the time, not just on the "up-market days."

Money Wisdom has nine portals providing the information and tools needed to follow the four step process. The nine are shown on the left of each page, along with a handy Yahoo quote finder. Start with Ethical Investing to get an overview of the fourfold way and the philosophy behind it. Then explore the method through each of the nine portals. Take them one at a time from top to bottom, or skip around to suit your interests. The Positive Screening, Negative Screening, and Research Tools pages all contain links that you'll end up using time and again to select your stocks. The Popular Stock Analysis page sums it all up with a reviews of some of the countries best known investments, along with comments on a few as yet "little known" companies. The Discussion Forum provides an opportunity for community and the free exchange of ideas. Remember, nice guys don't have to finish last, if they use their heads as well as their hearts.

"Those who do good do well."
John M. Templeton, founder of the Templeton Fund, and one of the most successful investors of the 20th Century.


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